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A collection of informational articles about bloggers, HTML tutorials and so on.

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What is a Vlog? | How to earn money from Vlogging?

Vlog or Vlogging is very popular nowadays. In simple words, Vlog means Video Blog. In Vlogging, you can earn a lot of money by making videos. To cre…

How to save Google Account from being hacked | Enable 2-Step-Verification

As the online world expands, so do the cases of personal information leaks. There are many questions related to security and privacy . People'…

What is a OTP | what is the meaning of otp

Hello friends In today I will tell you what is a OTP (One Time Password)? and what is the meaning of otp . Whenever we do online transaction in o…

What is SEO Google? | on-page and off-page SEO | Kamal gameti

In this post, what is SEO Google  and with the help of SEO, you can get your Blog/Website Rank on #1 in Search Engine. Due to which more and more tr…

what is Robots.txt? | how to create a robots.txt file

Robots.txt File: Friends today in this post you will know what Robots.txt File is and how to create Robots.txt File . After this Robots.txt File wil…

What is RAM? | How many types are RAM?

We will talk about RAM in this article. What is RAM? What is the full form of RAM? Type of RAM? Its importance and its work? And so on. T…

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