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7 Ways to make slow pc fast | PC Speed Increases Basic Tips

7  Ways to make slow pc fast

7  Ways to make slow pc fast

PC or laptop users always complain that their system is slow. Users who constantly use a computer or laptop have their system slow down after some time, sometimes even taking time to boot. Sometimes users get bored and even format such a system. No need to get bored with such a problem shows you some tips that can help you fast without formatting a PC-laptop.
1.PC speed: Whether your PC is frequently hanged or its speed is decreasing, there are many reasons for the speed of a laptop. Such as the existence of memory space, Viruses. However, if you have recently purchased a new PC, its speed is very low, so it can install many applications on your PC or contain many viruses or even malware. - Sometimes it can be slower. In this case, to increase the speed of the PC, these applications must be uninstalled and anti-virus software must be used for PC scanning.

2.MSCONFIG: Every time we turn on our computer, many of these programs start running on their own, but we do not need them, they will slow down our PC. To close these programs, click the Start button, click the Run option, type msconfig, and then click the OK option.

3.Uninstaller Useless Software: There are many programs of this type on your PC that you have never used before, but they take up more space on your PC. To uninstall these programs, go to Control Panel, and then click Programs and Features, and then click Control Panel to uninstall any software you do not think is necessary.

4.Delete temporary files: When you run software on your PC, temporary files are created even if you close it. After a long time, all these files became so large that they slowed down the PC. To delete these temporary files, select Start> Run> type and type% temp%, then click OK. Please do that.

5.Update software: Update your PC software regularly. Usually, if there is an update in our PC, we will ignore it because many software on our PC will be updated. It will also slow down our PC.

6.Antivirus software: Many viruses and other spyware, adware viruses, constantly flood the computer, which can slow down the PC. So, at least once a week, let your computer scan completely. If your Slow PC does not have antivirus software, you can get freee evaluation versions of the antivirus software that you can online install.

7.Close the label: Simultaneous activation of multiple tabs will also slow down the PC. If your computer is old and the Internet is slow, do not open multiple tabs in a browser at the same time.

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