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What is 3d printing | Advantages and limitations of technology

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what is 3d printing advantages and limitations
In the world of computers, when print technology was new, color print was more expensive than black and white. Not everyone could afford it. But in the press world, color printing has been around for decades. It was a time of biba and color machine technology. In which special German machines used to print by adding color on a precisely arranged black code. But technology changing over time ushered in a new era. Portability came in printing technology. Whether it is colors or black and white, everything can be done by one machine. Now you don't even see the dot metric print. The limitation of the print on the paper was that after a long time, the ink would fly away or the print would fade. That is why questions were raised against the originality of the document. Then the whole documentation was switched to color print. So that the accuracy of the data is maintained. But now, 3D printing technology has come a step further.

You may have seen many such modules and characters on the screen, but if you can feel the touch in your hand, both the interest and the thrill will change. So let's sit in the tram of technology today and talk about the world of printing.

What is 3D printing?

A normal printer can only print in 2D. The default output is black and white. If the toner supports colors then color print will come. But 3D printing is a very advanced technology. In which a three-dimensional picker of the object, shape, document, design, object or layout prepared in the computer comes out. This means that the item or toy that you make on the commuter screen will be printed and put in the show piece. In Radi you can see it from a single angle. But in 3D it can be seen from a 90 degree angle. Not only that, in 3D printing technology, the printer gives the object a real shape. This is a technology that saves any digital file or process in a specific format and creates 3D prints on the plane surface. Before all these things appear virtually in the commuter. Then the printing begins. The whole report of how the item will look and how it will be printed can be seen on the screen in the same way as the print preview can be seen. Certain types of software and plug-ins are essential for this. Because, this is not printing of any ordinary document. The graphics created in the computer are given a real look. That is, it is possible that the tools made in paint may not come out of this. Because, this is combined with an abbreviated design technology. The additive process is used to prepare the 3D extract. In which an object is prepared and materialized. All of which are based on the game layer. The way Photoshop has layers. Especially when it comes to coloring, you have to be very careful. Multi Colors JoJet has color matching and adding pictures also spoils the picture.

How is the on-screen item printed?

what is 3d printing advantages and limitations,what is fdm 3d printing,what is 3d printer,what is 3d printing used for 3d printing,

Ink is used in 2D prints of documents or pictures. While here is a special combination of wax and plastic. 3D printing is quite different from normal printing. In which an abbreviation is first cut into smaller parts. The formula of x, y and z angles also applies here. A milling machine is used for this. Then shape, height, length, death and finally colors are decided. Then filling, tanning, cutting and grinding methods are used. Printing is as good as a jacket. This technology directly benefited as the additive method was upgraded. In the future, for the presentation of any product or picker, if the basic item becomes cheaper, 3D print will take shape everywhere. Especially made different maps. Computer aided design files (CAD) are used directly here. A special course is indispensable for this. The way the base is determined in the commuter. The surface is also fixed in a printing machine. If you have a good grip on 3D modeling software, printing becomes easier. Whenever a printing machine receives a command to print, it first analyzes the data. Its coordinates are then determined. After a certain measurement of it is fixed from all sides, the object goes for the whole scan. It is not scanned like a normal document. The object is then prepared with the size and shape determined on the surface of a particular material.

Advantages and limitations of technology

3D technology has the potential to change the whole picture in the future. In addition there are many incredible benefits. The whole industry can grow if the module is considered as revenue.

▪️The biggest limitation is that its machine is very expensive. This whole thing works on all laser technology so sometimes working with it

There is a risk.

▪️If one of its orbs falls on the eye, the eye can be permanently damaged.

▪️This requires a combining material that melts and forms into a shape that is not as fast as paper.

▪️Every application is so fat that not every print unit can afford it. For example, Auto Mayo costs Rs.

▪️The printing machine vault and material is more. That is the loss of electricity

Software is indispensable

Print technology works on a specific application no matter what. For example, the butter file technique for newspaper printing, the plate technique, in which the data is expelled after being inserted into the machine and printed on a large layer of paper. But when any plate or butter moves during printing, the letters in the print come to a halt. This has happened many times in front of the print of the newspaper, but it must have happened to everyone sometimes. Similarly for Rudy Printing specific application is indispensable such as, 3D Soft Max, 3D Max, CAD, 3D Boo, Blender, Autodesk, Auto Mayo, MT Les 3D, K2D, Arti Illusion, Po Ray, G Cat, Mood Includes Cine Art, Moodo, Zee Brush, Dose Tudio, SketchUp.

A combination of sketch and graphics

After reading so much, a question also arises, what is really in this jacket? Just like a document has data, a picture has colors and certain lines, a poster has its measurements. The answer in a single line is a combination of sketch and graphics, sketch is the lip of any of its items and graphics is the stuff to be filled in, each software has different tools on different projects that can be applied directly. But when the graphics of one film are to be viewed in 3D, each print has to be customized with another.

what is 3d printing advantages and limitations,

How is an on-screen item printed?,

what is fdm 3d printing,what is 3d printer,

what is 3d printing used for,w

material is used for 3d printing,

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