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Interesting facts about the country of Brazil

Hello friends, in this post of ours today we are going to talk about the country of Brazil.

1. Hardly any of you have heard of Brazil. Brazil is called the 5th largest country in the world. The area of which is 8515765 K.M Sq. And the population of this country is around 21 crores.

2. The official name of Brazil is "Republika Federativa do Brasil"

3. After Japan, if there is a large Japanese living in any other country, then it is Brazil. By the way, Brazil is considered an American country. But even then, 54% of Brazil's population consists of Europeans

4. The national animal of Brazil is Sharmila Jaguar.

5. Brazil is also known as a cultural country. More than 180 languages are spoken in Brazil.

6. The official language of Brazil is "Portuguese".

7. The national bird of Brazil is Rufous-bellied thrush. Its scientific name is Turdus rufiventris.

8. You all must have heard about Amazon jungle. The Amazon jungle crosses 8 countries in the world, but a large area of this forest comes in the country of Brazil.

9. The capital of Brazil is "Brasilia", but before the Brazilian capital "Brasilia" was "Rio de Janeiro". Which was replaced in 1960 due to some security issues. And since then, the capital of Brazil is Brasília. If Brasilia is visible from the sky, then the graph or map of this country looks like an airplane.

 10. In 92% of cars sold in Brazil, ethanol is used as a fuel compared to petrol. Which is made from sugarcane.

11. The green color in the national flag of Brazil signifies the forests of this country. The yellow color represents the mineral deposits of this country and the blue color of the flag and its circle star Show the morning in which Brazil gained independence.

12. Brazil has won the Football World Cup 5 times and playing football is the most likely sport in Brazil. Due to which football is considered the official and popular sport of Brazil. Every city in Brazil has a minimum football ground. The biggest football stadium in Brazil is "Mercana". Where 1,80000 people can sit at a time.

13. Brazil ranks second after USA in terms of highest number of airports in the world.

14. The beaches of Brazil are considered to be the sexiest beaches in the world. Here, you can easily see the bold style of women. Brazilian women like to wear less clothes in their lives. When the World Cup was held in Brazil. At that time the sex worker here had to work both day and night. Sex is legal in Brazil. According to a survey which was conducted in Brazil. When people came to know their opinion about sex. So there is a very shocking revelation in this sense. Approximately 35% of people admit that they had sex with animals in their lives as well.

15. Children who do not get mother's milk. They are provided milk of women by the government. Sex change is free of charge by Brazil's public health system since 2008 and is seen as being associated with the right to live under Brazil.

16. There is an island in Brazil known as Snake Island. Approximately 5-7 snakes are found per square meter. It is estimated that there are millions of snakes in this island that why no one is allowed to go here.

17. Brazil tops the list in crime. If you look at someone's death, then the number 10 city in the top 20 city of the world comes in Brazil.

18. Brazil is also known for drug smuggling all over the world. Drugs cost 30% less than any other country in Brazil.

19. In Brazil, every citizen is required to vote. If no one votes here. For this reason the passport of that person can be canceled.

20. For the last 150 years, Brazil has been ranked number 1 in the world of coffee.

You will be shocked after knowing this
How could it be possible
But it is very true

21. In Brazil, every person of the Boro species has the same blood group. Yes friends, every person of the Boro species has a blood group O.

22. There is a country in Brazil named "Now-Mee-Toca".

It means "Do not touch me"

How did you like this information, please tell by commenting. Thank you

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