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What is Swift (BIC) Code and how to find Swift Code of your Bank Online?

What is Swift (BIC) Code and how to find Swift Code of your Bank Online?
Today we will know what is the Swift Code and how to find the Swift Code of your bank, you will get the page information here. If you want to get your money from abroad or send it then you will have to read this article carefully.

In today's time, it has become very easy to send or ask for money anywhere. You just have to go to the bank and can easily transfer money. But when it comes to International Payments, in such a situation you will need Swift code.

As if I am a Blogger, I also need a Swift Code to get my Adsense Earnings sent to my Bank Account. Because it is also an International Transection.

Without Swift Code, you cannot send or request money from your Bank Account abroad. If you too are earning from abroad like me then you will also need Swift Code.

I will explain to you with the background information what is the SWIFT code and how can you find out the SWIFT code of your bank.

What is swift code

What is Swift Code (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), Know about it in detail. If you have to request or send money from abroad, then we need Bank Swift code. Through the Swift Code, it is found out from which bank in which country to send money. Swift Code is also called BIC Code.

The Swift code contains the code for Country, Bank Location, which determines which bank to send or request money from.
Just like if you transact money in your country, then the IFSC Code is required.

What is the full form of Switch Code

Swift Code has full form:- Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

How to Find Bank Swift Code Online

Finding the Swift Code of any bank is very easy. You can find the Swift Code online of your bank without going to the bank.
How to Find Your Bank's Swift Code Online?

Step by step

1.First of all, you have to open this website
Find Swift Code

What is Swift (BIC) Code and how to find Swift Code of your Bank Online?
What is Swift (BIC) Code and how to find Swift Code of your Bank Online?
2.Now such a page will be open in front of you, which you can see on the image.
3.Now you have to select your Bank Name
4.Now you have to select your state name
5.Now you have to select your district name
6.Now select your branch name
Now all the information will come in front of you, you can take the Swift Code from here.

Note- The Swift Code is only for the Main Branch, so it may be that the bank where you have an account does not have a Swift Code for that bank, then you can use the Swift Code of the Banch which is near your bank.


Today we learned what is Swift Code ?, What is the full form of Swift Code? And how to find your bank's Swift Code. I hope you have got all this information.Thanks for reading till the end.

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