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What is RAM? | How many types are RAM?

We will talk about RAM in this article. What is RAM? What is the full form of RAM? Type of RAM? Its importance and its work? And so on. The full information of RAM will get you in this article.

What is ram, Types of ram

Whenever we buy a new laptop or phone, we like to take more RAM in it. Any user, everyone should have more RAM. But do you have information about RAM? What is it? So you read this article till the end, because in this article you will get complete information about REM.

What is RAM?

RAM has a type of memory, which stores the running programs or software temporarily. Unless the computer continues, or until the software is open, RAM stores him  And if the computer is closed, store all data deleted.

RAM is used to read or write data. It is a high speed semiconductor memory made of Microchip.

RAM is a part of primary memory, which is direct access to CPU, so it is also called Direct Access Memory.

RAM is a type of temporary memory i.e. volatile memory. Which means, once the computer's power supply is closed, the store in RAM gets all the data remove.

Storage Capacity of RAM is less than secondary memory, but there are speeds in it. In the computer all running program and their data run on RAM and stores.

Let's understand the RAM from an example

Suppose you are editing photos in Photoshop And you have done more than half the editing, but you have not saved this figure editing in your hard disk.

So you will understand where your files are stored in your computer? This file is stored in RAM And it will be stored in RAM only until Photoshop is Open, or unless your computer has power on.

If your work suddenly went to power, the computer will be closed, and all your data will be run. And your entire hard work will be useless.

So you must use UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) on using the desktop computer system. And some of your work in a little interval saves in the hard disk.

What is the FULL FORM of RAM?

RAM's full form is 'Random Access Memory'. RAM has a very important role in computers and smartphones. Without RAM, we can not do any work.

Because we work on the app or software, They store in temporary memory i.e. stores in RAM. Mobile or computer seems to work together more programs or software, Due to this, the storage of RAM has to be less.

RAM's Features?

  • RAM, the primary memory of the computer is Main Memory.
  • RAM is also called Volatile Memory.
  • RAM, Direct Access Memory.
  • Compared to Secondary Memory, its storage capacities are low.
  • When Power Cut, it becomes memory empty.
  • Computer without RAM will not be the System Boot.
  • RAM's speed is more than secondary memory.
  • All programs, apps, software, etc., run in RAM and run.
  • It is also called the computer working memory.
  • This memory is slightly expensive compared to another memory.

How many types of RAM?

Mainly RAM consists of two types. But see according to size, then RAM is designed according to the separate size of the computer and laptop. And its size in mobile is very small.

RAM is divided into niche parts on its capacity and speed. The Speed ​​of RAM is used in MHZ and GHZ and its storage capacity is measured in MB and GB.

All RAMs are engaged in desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablet, etc. But every device has different types of RAM. Therefore, we can not put a laptop in the RAM desktop or in the mobile RAM laptop.

Because according to size, speed and capacities, RAM has been divided into different types. Let's know, what are the two main types of RAM.

  1. Static RAM
  2. Dynamic RAM

What is Static RAM?

Static means "stable", i.e. the data store will remain in the computer until the Current Flow will remain. Once the computer becomes Power Cut, store all data deleted, and RAM becomes completely empty.

What is static ram?, What is SRAM?

There are no need to refresh the computer repeatedly. Because the data remains stable. Static RAM is also called SRAM(Static Random Access Memory). 

Static RAM reduces power consumption and it works more faster than dynamic RAM. There are less storage capacities and manufacturing cost are more.

What is Dynamic RAM?

Dynamic RAM, from Static RAM, are exactly the opposite. These are not stable, there are constant changes in it, so its name has been named Dynamic.

What is Dynamic ram?, What is DRAM?

Dynamic RAM also contains Volatile Memory, also get all data remove when Power Cut. It is also known as DRAM(Dynamic Random Access Memory).

To keep the data safe in DRAM, it often needs to refresh it to keep it. Its capacitors, which store the data, keep doing Power Energy slowly.

After which if Power became discharge, store all data also remove. There are more memory capacities but speed is low. And these power consumption also much but manufacturing cost work.


Now you have to know everything about RAM. What is RAM? RAM type? RAM's FULL FORM? And so on. RAM's full information will now have happened to you.

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